Marketing automation trends make it personal in 2018

Marketing Automation Trends Make It Personal In 2018

According to estimates, in 2018 worldwide spending on marketing automation software will hit R398 billion, and that number is expected to increase in the years to come as more companies begin embracing marketing automation as a whole. Credit goes to companies like SharpSpring and HubSpot Software which give marketers the ability to create highly effective digital marketing programs that were unimaginable just a few years ago. They have revolutionized the workday for your sales and marketing teams, allowing them to spend more time on converting leads and bringing in customers far earlier in the life cycle.

Marketing automation gives you the potential to generate more leads, drive more sales, and optimise your ROI. Automation and inbound marketing go hand in hand. Using a robust inbound marketing strategy coupled with excellent automation software will allow you to create an individualized picture of your target market. You are then able to target your customers and prospects with personalised communication based on their interests giving them the message they want to receive, in the place where they want to receive it. This strategy skyrockets your conversion rates.

This year things are getting faster, slicker and way more personal. HokaHey! Is all about making it personal, so we have cherry picked the trends that we feel standout this year that allow you to become on first name terms with all of your targets.

Personalised Content
Digital companies like Netflix and Spotify have demonstrated how powerful personalised content can be when it comes to engaging with your audiences. Content teams can now develop content specific for types of target accounts, and personalisation platforms can display specific pieces of content to website visitors based on their IP address. How smart is that? This software will allow your website to identify who is on the site and personalise the content to that specific individual (for example, video shots, imagery, infographics and copy but the list is endless.)

Behaviour-based Workflows
Workflows are rules-based, they are designed to trigger actions associated with various customer behaviours, ensuring the messages are highly relevant to a prospect’s stage in the funnel and also assist in nurturing existing contacts. Your sales team will be able to keep in touch with their entire address book all at once with personalised messages based on the exact stage their leads are at, without even having to think about it. Your marketing team will be smashing out campaigns like they are a team of 100 people! This is all done through implementing a kickass inbound marketing strategy.

Lead Scoring

This is a method used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents in your business. This helps the marketer to pinpoint the best-performing channels without having to wait weeks or months for leads to move down the funnel. Knowing who your prospects are and their likelihood of converting to a customer is paramount to a business’s success. The last thing you want to do is spend your highest cost activity on a client that isn’t ready to commit. This means that sales speak to the guys that want to buy now and are the best fit and marketing qualifies leads and nurtures them until they are ready.

Memorable Experiences
Chatbots will be playing a crucial role in customer service and customer engagement. Chatbots will become smarter and will be capable of behavioural recommendations in the future. How crazy is this! It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie. You are literally having a detailed conversation with a robot – mind blown! What this means is you are able to instantly talk to your prospects and customers, this makes for very happy customers and an incredibly full pipeline.

Technological improvements related to machine learning, chatbots and analytics will drive a number of notable developments in the field of marketing automation. All these different trends somehow connect the dots and make automation that much more effective.

Not only that, it makes automation essential to all sales and marketing efforts. You don’t want to be the guy that said digital marketing wasn’t going to take off now, do you? #justsaying

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